SPY Cocktail


SPY COCKTAIL is a ready-to-drink, effortlessly enjoyable cocktail designed to deliver impeccable taste, a refreshing sensation, and a novel experience. Vibrantly colored in a classic cocktail style, it promises a delightful drinking experience.

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product of Angel Kiss

Angel Kiss

New SPY Angel Kiss…silky smooth cocktail with Sakura White Peach flavor making SPY Angel Kiss sweet, aromatic and refreshing.

(4% Alcohol)
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product of Sweet Kiss

Sweet Kiss

New Spy Cocktail, Sweet Kiss Lychee Blossom. A sweet juicy lychees flavor perfectly mixed with a scent of flower blossom makes it an impeccable drink to pair with any food menus, or to be enjoyed on its own.

(4% Alcohol)
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product of Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly Kiss

A bright purple color, with uniquely fresh mixed-Berry aromas. The fizzy bubbles with a light sweet mellow taste makes for a perfectly balanced combination ready for any occasion

(4% Alcohol)
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product of KAMIKAZE


SPY COCKTAIL KAMIKAZE BLUE LIME delivers the vibrant blue Curacao mixed with the sweet and sour flavor of the fresh lime.

(4% Alcohol)
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The Original
Wine Cooler

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